Young Life Academy

Young Life Academy in Roswell, Georgia is a proud Silver sponsor of this 5K event.

Our goal is to continuously endeavor to provide a program of high quality and excellence as a service to this community. In this capacity we recognize ourselves as partners with the parents, working cooperatively to help encourage each child’s growth through positive affirmation.  We view caring for children as an awesome responsibility, to be carried out with sincere efforts and integrity.

We are here to serve the needs of the child and family. Young Life emphasizes the encouragement of a positive and healthy value system based on biblical concepts. This equips children to learn to make good judgment decisions within their classroom and their home environment and furthers positive character development. It is our endeavor to encourage our children to see themselves as unique and special in God’s sight, and that they have “purpose.” We encourage proper attitudes, loving one another and being a friend. We also encourage proper obedience and respect to all authority.

An academic curriculum has been formulated for the Center and is of the finest quality. It is imperative for child preparedness, and proper planning is required on the part of each staff member.

Young Life Academy is located at:
90 Woodstock Road, Roswell, GA 30076

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