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Jane Cibik Mediations, LLC was founded in 2003. After serving as a mediator with the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation, Jane Cibik began her private practice as a mediator in 2003, specializing in resolving workers’ compensation disputes.

Jane Cibik Mediations, LLC is unique among mediation firms. We come to you to resolve your dispute, and since we do not charge by the hour, we are committed to using your time wisely and being as productive as possible to bring about a successful resolution of your claim.

At Jane Cibik Mediations, LLC, we think it is important to give all parties to a workers’ compensation claim the opportunity to resolve both the emotional and the financial issues that arise during a legal dispute. We understand that it is often emotional issues that serve as roadblocks to resolution, and we specialize in making space to address these issues. At Jane Cibik Mediations, LLC, we feel that a successful mediation is one where both sides leave the room feeling that they have reached an agreement with which they are satisfied.

Jane Cibik Mediations, LLC is based in Atlanta. Our mediators travel throughout the State of Georgia.

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